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“Mr. Burbank, I request that you pass on to me the
            knowledge which enabled you to so harmonize the laws
            of Nature that you caused the cactus to shed its thorns,
            and become an edible food. Give me access to the knowl-
            edge which enabled you to make two blades of grass grow
            where but one grew before, and helped you to blend the
            coloring of the fl owers with more splendor and harmony,          The Invisible Counselors
            for you, alone, have successfully gilded the lily.

            “Napoleon, I desire to acquire from you, by emulation,
            the marvelous ability you possessed to inspire men, and   “Mr. Edison, I have seated you nearest to me, at my right,
            to arouse them to greater and more determined spirit of   because of the personal cooperation you have given me,
            action. Also to acquire the spirit of enduring FAITH,   during my research into the causes of success and failure. I
            which enabled you to turn defeat into victory, and to   wish to acquire from you the marvelous spirit of FAITH,
            surmount staggering obstacles. Emperor of Fate, King of   with which you have uncovered so many of Nature’s se-
            Chance, Man of Destiny, I salute you!                crets, the spirit of unremitting toil with which you have so
                                                                 often wrested victory from defeat.”
            “Mr. Paine, I desire to acquire from you the freedom
            of thought and the courage and clarity with which to   My method of addressing the members of the imagi-
            express convictions, which so distinguished you!     nary Cabinet would vary, according to the traits
                                                                 of character in which I was, for the moment, most
            “Mr. Darwin, I wish to acquire from you the marvelous   interested in acquiring. I studied the records of their
            patience, and ability to study cause and effect, without   lives with painstaking care. After some months of this
            bias or prejudice, so exemplifi ed by you in the fi eld of   nightly procedure, I was astounded by the discovery
            natural science.                                     that these imaginary fi gures became, apparently real.

            “Mr. Lincoln, I desire to build into my own character   Each of these nine men developed individual charac-
            the keen sense of justice, the untiring spirit of patience,   teristics, which surprised me. For example, Lincoln
            the sense of humor, the human understanding, and the   developed the habit of always being late, then walking
            tolerance, which were your distinguishing characteristics.   around in solemn parade. When he came, he walked
                                                                 very slowly, with his hands clasped behind him, and
            “Mr. Carnegie, I am already indebted to you for my   once in a while, he would stop as he passed, and rest
            choice of a life-work, which has brought me great hap-  his hand, momentarily, upon my shoulder. He always
            piness and peace of mind. I wish to acquire a thorough   wore an expression of seriousness upon his face. Rarely
            understanding of the principles of organized effort,   did I see him smile. The cares of a sundered nation
            which you used so effectively in the building of a great   made him grave.
            industrial enterprise.
            “Mr. Ford, you have been among the most helpful of the   That was not true of the others. Burbank and Paine of-
            men who have supplied much of the material essential   ten indulged in witty repartee which seemed, at times,
            to my work. I wish to acquire your spirit of persistence,   to shock the other members of the cabinet. One night
            the determination, poise, and self-confi dence which   Paine suggested that I prepare a lecture on “The Age
            have enabled you to master poverty, organize, unify, and   of Reason,” and deliver it from the pulpit of a church
            simplify human effort, so I may help others to follow in   which I formerly attended.
            your footsteps.

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