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The Invisible Counselors

                    No matter who you are, or what may have been your purpose in reading this book, you can
                    profi t by it without understanding the principle described in this chapter. This is especially true
                    if your major purpose is that of accumulation of money or other material things.

                    The chapter on the sixth sense was included, because the book is designed for the purpose of
                    presenting a complete philosophy by which individuals may unerringly guide themselves in at-
                    taining whatever they ask of life. The starting point of all achievement is DESIRE. The fi nishing
                    point is that brand of KNOWLEDGE which leads to understanding—understanding of self,
                    understanding of others, understanding of the laws of Nature, recognition and understanding of

                    This sort of understanding comes in its fullness only through familiarity with, and use of the
                    principle of the sixth sense, hence that principle had to be included as a part of this philosophy,
                    for the benefi t of those who demand more than money.

                    Having read the chapter, you must have observed that while reading it, you were lifted to a high
                    level of mental stimulation. Splendid! Come back to this again a month from now, read it once
                    more, and observe that your mind will soar to a still higher level of stimulation.

                    Repeat this experience from time to time, giving no concern as to how much or how little you
                    learn at the time, and eventually you will fi nd yourself in possession of a power that will enable
                    you to throw off discouragement, master fear, overcome procrastination, and draw freely upon
                    your imagination. Then you will have felt the touch of that unknown “something” which has
                    been the moving spirit of every truly great thinker leader, artist, musician, writer, statesman.
                    Then you will be in position to transmute your DESIRES into their physical or fi nancial coun-
                    terpart as easily as you may lie down and quit at the fi rst sign of opposition.

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