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One evening Edison arrived ahead of all the others.
                                                                    He walked over and seated himself at my left, where
                                                                    Emerson was accustomed to sit, and said, “You are
                                                                    destined to witness the discovery of the secret of
                                                                    life. When the time comes, you will observe that life
                The Invisible Counselors                            consists of great swarms of energy, or entities, each
                                                                    as intelligent as human beings think themselves to
                                                                    be. These units of life group together like hives of
                                                                    bees, and remain together until they disintegrate,
            Many around the table laughed heartily at the sug-      through lack of harmony.
            gestion. Not Napoleon! He drew his mouth down at
            the corners and groaned so loudly that all turned and   These units have differences of opinion, the same as
            looked at him with amazement. To him the church         human beings, and often fi ght among themselves.
            was but a pawn of the State, not to be reformed, but to   These meetings which you are conducting will be
            be used, as a convenient inciter to mass activity by the   very helpful to you. They will bring to your rescue
            people.                                                 some of the same units of life which served the
                                                                    members of your Cabinet, during their lives. These
            On one occasion Burbank was late. When he came,         units are eternal. THEY NEVER DIE! Your own
            he was excited with enthusiasm, and explained that he   thoughts and DESIRES serve as the magnet which
            had been late, because of an experiment he was mak-     attracts units of life, from the great ocean of life out
            ing, through which he hoped to be able to grow apples   there. Only the friendly units are attracted—the
            on any sort of tree. Paine chided him by reminding      ones which harmonize with the nature of your
            him that it was an apple which started all the trouble   DESIRES.”
            between man and woman. Darwin chuckled heartily
            as he suggested that Paine should watch out for little   The other members of the Cabinet began to enter
            serpents, when he went into the forest to gather apples,   the room. Edison got up, and slowly walked around
            as they had the habit of growing into big snakes. Em-   to his own seat. Edison was still living when this
            erson observed—”No serpents, no apples,” and Napo-      happened. It impressed me so greatly that I went
            leon remarked, “No apples, no state!”                   to see him, and told him about the experience. He
                                                                    smiled broadly, and said, “Your dream was more a
            Lincoln developed the habit of always being the last    reality than you may imagine it to have been.” He
            one to leave the table after each meeting. On one       added no further explanation to his statement.
            occasion, he leaned across the end of the table, his
            arms folded, and remained in that position for many     These meetings became so realistic that I became
            minutes. I made no attempt to disturb him. Finally, he   fearful of their consequences, and discontinued
            lifted his head slowly, got up and walked to the door,   them for several months. The experiences were so
            then turned around, came back, and laid his hand on     uncanny, I was afraid if I continued them I would
            my shoulder and said, “My boy, you will need much       lose sight of the fact that the meetings were purely
            courage if you remain steadfast in carrying out your    experiences of my imagination.
            purpose in life. But remember, when diffi culties over-
            take you, the common people have common sense.          Some six months after I had discontinued the
            Adversity will develop it.”                             practice I was awakened one night, or thought I
                                                                    was, when I saw Lincoln standing at my bedside.

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