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                The Invisible Counselors

            The many changes that have come about the past couple of years in my life have been fu-
            eled by a new process I’ve been doing: the Invisible Counselors process.  In the book Think
            and Grow Rich (available free at Napoleon Hill wrote that over a
            long period of years he held an imaginary council meeting with “invisible counselors”.  He
            wrote “The procedure was this. Just before going to sleep at night, I would shut my eyes, and see, in
            my imagination, this group of men seated with me around my Council Table. Here I had not only an

            opportunity to sit among those whom I considered to be great, but I actually dominated the group, by
            serving as the Chairman.”

            He asked them questions and listened to their   Excerpt:  “The meeting took on a life of its own after that in almost
            advice. When he opened his mind to the invis-  a whirlwhind that had me frantically writing notes and wishing I was
            ible counselors, it made him receptive to new   at the keyboard but not wanting to get up and move and break the
            thoughts and ideas from his subconscious mind.   fl ow of information.  We outlined areas of life to be assessed for goals,
                                                           including income, products, services, investments, health and fi tness,
                                                           organizational goals, jobs to create and work to delegate.  We listed
            With this Workbook, you will discover who your
                                                           repairs and upgrades for offi ce, home and yard, spiritual goals such
            Invisible Counselors are, and you will record
                                                           as to deepen personal understanding, travel goals, educational and
            your sessions with them.  I’ll share some of my   conference goals, what classes I’d like to take, what new skills I’d like
            own sessions with you as well.                 to acquire.”

            The exercises in this workbook are designed to
                                                           Excerpt: “What just happened!?  A surprised 40 minutes later I was
            help you to carve those neural pathways, through   out of my “meeting” and sitting at the table refl ecting on pages and
            the mental muscle memory in your mind and      pages of what I did not expect to come pouring out of me.  It was not
            let you become practiced at it.  As you have new   unlike the automatic writing that occurs during psychic mediumship
            thoughts and beliefs, you realize more and more   sessions but I got the sense of it being dictated to me from those sitting
            what is possible for you, and you will attract bet-  at the table with me.  I was surprised at the indepth suggestions I got
            ter and better guidance.                       for organizing my personal time, acquiring personnel, and for income
                                                           sources I’d overlooked.“

            AN INVITATION FOR YOU TO JOIN ME               Excerpt:   “I asked myself, am I really ready to receive what this
            I had a lot of success and a lot of fun using the Invis-  process is handing me? Am I ready for my life to change in the way I
            ible Counselors Workbook and would like to invite   know it will change?”
            you to join me in it.  Email me at andrea@hori-
   and let me know who’s at your   Excerpt: “They have a better memory than I do, which is cool
            council, living or dead, and why.  Let me know what   - since we’re all One, they can be the brain sometimes.  And since I no
            insights you get and how you’re applying them.
                                                           longer have to worry about the next step, I can let them suggest it, and
                                                           am no longer surprised when they do.“

            Invisible Counselors Workbook       Let them help you    Copyright 2007  5
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