A FREE Gift to you for Self Discovery and Exploration.  Gather your own invisible council and begin to receive guidance like never before.

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This process greatly expanded my creativity and heightened my capacity to attract valuable guidance 

The many changes that have come about the past couple of years in my life have been fueled by a new process I’ve been doing: the Invisible Counselors process. In the book Think and Grow Rich (available free at www.secret2dollars.com) Napoleon Hill wrote that over a long period of years he held an imaginary council meeting with “invisible counselors”. He wrote “The procedure was this. Just before going to sleep at night, I would shut my eyes, and see, in my imagination, this group of men and men seated with me around my Council Table. Here I had not only an opportunity to sit among those whom I considered to be great, but I actually dominated the group, by serving as the Chairman.”

He asked them questions and listened to their advice. When he opened his mind to the invisible counselors, it made him receptive to new thoughts and ideas from his subconscious mind.

With this Workbook, you will discover who your Invisible Counselors are, and you will record your sessions with them. I’ll share some of my own sessions with you as well. The exercises in this workbook are designed to help you to carve those neural pathways, through the mental muscle memory in your mind and let you become practiced at it. As you have new thoughts and beliefs, you realize more and more what is possible for you, and you will attract better and better guidance.

The first time I did this

The first time I did this, just like any other meeting, I had my agenda in hand, listing the items I wish to have addressed. My topics for this meeting are:

Clarification as to my cabinet members
Clarification of my priorities at this time
Attract and allow ever increasing amounts of money and other resources

Take a moment to set intention for this session:

I’m preparing for my meeting with the Invisible Counselors and I’m preparing my mind for that meeting. I will step into the room and take my seat at the head of the conference table, as its Chairman. As I prepare, I will take 2 deep breaths, and relax as I exhale,

In my mind’s eye, I step into a large room with a big conference table in the center. I can imagine this room and this table as I’d like it to be. This table may be oval, it may be rectangular and there are many comfortable, empty chairs around it. I take another deep breath and let it out slowly, as I continue to envision this large conference table with the empty chairs around it.

In a few moments, I will call the meeting to order and as I do, I will see people entering the room and taking a seat at the table. These may be historical figures from the past that I feel a connection to or have an interest in. These may be persons now living whom I admire as a role model. Some of them may be unknown to me at this time, but if they continue to attend, I know there will be a reason for it.

Just like any other meeting, I will be ready to take notes during the meeting. It will be easy for me to move my consciousness back and forth from the conference room to the pen in my hand as I take notes. Soon I will find it easy to sit at my keyboard to record these sessions.

If someone at the table is not speaking up, or I am not understanding them, I can ask them to speak up or repeat themselves.

If someone new or unknown appears, I will ask them to identify themselves.

If I am in doubt of someone’s input, I can ask for clarification and amplification.

When someone gives me input, I want to know how I can put that information to practical use in the here and now.

It will be easy for me to remember what was said at the table and to record it to study and put into practice later.

Click the Workbook to read a flipbook version